The photovoltaic installation will consist of three solar plants of 50 MWp each, totaling a capacity of 150 MWp. It will be located in the province of Almeria and will be built on an area of approximately 325 Ha.


The installation will consist of the most advanced solar technology, with 359,000 polycrystalline silicon photovoltaic modules that will occupy a net catchment area of 793,000 sqm. The modules will be mounted on structures with one axis tracking system and the produced direct current will be transformed to alternating current by string inverters with 178 kVa nominal power.


Expected specific production is 2,155 kWh/kWp, to obtain an average annual production of 307 GWh, equivalent to an average annual consumption in Spain of 101,900 households.


Energy evacuation will be carried out through a high voltage substation located in the third plant, which will  receive a 30 kV evacuation line from the other two first plants. The evacuation substation will have collector/elevator/disconnector configuration. The 132 kV high voltage line, from which the energy of the three plants is evacuated, will connect to a 132 kV collector/elevator substation of promoters. In this substation, a 132/400 kV transformation position will be enabled, in which the voltage will be increased to 400 kV to finally connect to the renewable position of the transport grid substation.


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